Meet the Sisters

“We are mothers to [Christ] when we carry him in our hearts and souls by love with a pure and sincere conscience, and give him birth by doing good” – St. Francis of Assisi

For over 100 years our sisters have served the western regions of the United States. Relying on the Spirit who works in us, we respond to our call in prayer and service. Like many other religious communities of women, we originally worked in the areas of education and health care, founding schools and hospitals. The past five decades have seen our expansion into diversity of presence using the gifts God entrusted to each sister. In each sacred encounter with persons, institutions, and situations, we strive to be signs of hope in a struggling world.

Consuelo Arana
Susan Blomstad
Virginia Boos
Linda Bouchard
Lisa Brown
Jeanmarie Chavez
Mary Ann Conley
Rosalie Cooper
Janet Corcoran
Angela Dieringer
Barbara Dyer
Pius Fahlstrom
Candida Gonzales Jimenez
Linda Gonzales
Janet Gwinn
Margaret Meg Keeler
Florence Koehler
Kathryn Ann Lehman
Mary Catherine Litell
Deborah Lockwood
Ilce Lopez Gomez
Michele Mangan

Sheral Marshall
Camille Martinez
Graciela Martinez
Maria Elena Martinez
Ellen McCabe
Dorothy McCormack
Mary Mebane
Micaela Mendez Vazquez
Antoinette Navarro
Leticia Perez Hernandez
Patricia Rayburn
Marianne Rasmussen
Mary Rita Reilly
Jeanne Rollins
Lorraine Savage
Maureen Sinnott
Carol Snyder
Margie Will
Norberta Villaseñor
Kathy Wood
James Zembal