Our Practices:

The wilderness is the ground of our soul.


Collaborating with our community partners, charitable giving programs, peacemaking & justice initiatives.


Living with a light footprint in the care and protection of Sister Mother Earth and her resources.


Changing lives through awareness, response, advocacy, prayer in action & contemplative gaze.


Expressing the sacred through poetry, art, music, embodied prayer practices, & celebrations.

Our Partners:

As we journey from wilderness to wilderness, we are humbly encountering and caring for all creation across international and cultural boundaries.

Our Practices in Action

Channeling the Spark of eternal cosmic blessing into the universe that unfolds before us, we are One Heart.

In 2021, our Charitable Giving Committee awarded grants to16 proactive programs in California and one in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Through grants ranging from $10,000-$25,000, we are honored to support visionary artists and people who have or are experiencing various forms of crisis such as food and housing insecurity, illegal status, human trafficking, violence, incarceration, lack access of healthcare, discrimination, alienation, and environmental injustice.

Our Practices in Action

Go, Seeker, if you will, throughout the land and you will find us burning in the night for we have wilderness in us and we have often turned to journeys.

Clara’s House

Sacramento, California They are migrants. Some have been here for decades. Others have just arrived. Each has a story. They have...

Assoc’s In Action

George Schoenstein is an associate of the Sisters of St. Francis from Redwood City. This past March he was honored when he received the “Outstanding Individual Award” from Sequoia Awards in Redwood City. George was...

Franciscan Living

A REFLECTION ON NEED Margie Will, osf HAVE THE "NEEDY" CHANGED?  In the United States, when we consider those who are in need as the materially poor, the marginalized, those who live in substandard shelter or have no...

Intl. Support

In 2022, the 3 communities of the Sisters of St. Francis in the United States sent financial support to their Sisters in Poland who have been providing care to the people of Ukraine. At the end...

Our Engegment

We are strong and resilient, holding the tension in the increasing complexity and chaos of our world.

You Are Invited!

We warmly welcome you to participate in an event, donate to our giving program, share a prayer request, or become an Associate.

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Our Sisters and Associates

As followers of the way of Jesus, Francis, Clare, and Magdalen, we sisters and associates are firmly rooted in the values of simplicity, minority and truth.

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